Information about EntryG8


Hunters and anglers find quality habitat. 

Landowners and outfitters find quality hunters and anglers.

EntryG8 is an online marketplace for landowners, outfitters, hunters, anglers, and campers. This is a place for hosts to share quality habitat(s) with the other members of the marketplace as guests.  EntryG8's guests are sportsmen and sportswomen who appreciate access to quality habitat.  Think of it like a peer-to-peer marketplace specifically designed to make finding your next hunting, fishing, camping, or other outdoor adventure easy!

About EntryG8

Hosts list access to their property, including when they are making it available and their price (trespass fee). Guests then purchase access to hosts' land for their hunting, fishing, or camping, whether it is over a couple weeks or a day.

Following their experience, the hosts and the guests rate each other.  This provides future parties with valuable information prior to their next transaction.  A Guest is able to read a Host's reviews and ratings prior to booking.  Also, a Host is able to read a Guest's reviews and ratings prior to accepting a booking.  This improves future experiences for the hosts, for the guests, and for other members looking to list their property or who are searching for their next recreational adventure.  

It is easy and takes a landowner very little time to manage.  It is also flexible.  Landowners can post a listing for a single available day or for multiple days.

About EntryG8's Founders

Our founders are sportsmen who grew up enjoying the great outdoors and nature's bounty.  Dave was raised on a wheat and barley farm in North Central Montana with literally thousands of pheasants outside his back door!  Rob and Jeff were raised in Southern Idaho.  Rob's father bred sporting dogs and Rob was taught to be an avid and respectful sportsman.  Jeff was also taught values that have made him trustworthy sportsman.  Our co-founders upbringing has instilled values of respect for landowners and access to their land.

Our founders - each facing a midlife crisis or sorts - had become frustrated with the increased pressure on public lands as access to private habitat becomes more and more difficult to find.

While en route to a state-run Wildlife Management Area, Dave and Rob asked each other why private land is getting so hard to find.  They decided that fewer landowners are allowing hunters and anglers access to their property because some sportsmen have been disrespectful and ruined it for everyone else.  

Then, the light bulb went off!  They decided to invest in a marketplace in which hosts rate the guests and guests rate the hosts!  The result is EntryG8!