Information about EntryG8

How it works

How it works

Here you can find information about how EntryG8 works.

Hosts list access to their property, including when they are making it available and their price (trespass fee). Guests then purchase access to hosts' land for their hunting, fishing, or camping, whether it is over a couple weeks or a day.

Following their experience, the hosts and the guests rate each other.  This provides future parties with valuable information prior to their next transaction.  A Guest is able to read a Host's reviews and ratings prior to booking.  Also, a Host is able to read a Guest's reviews and ratings prior to accepting a booking.  This improves future experiences for the hosts, for the guests, and for other members looking to list their property or who are searching for their next recreational adventure.  

It is easy and takes a landowner very little time to manage.  It is also flexible.  Landowners can post a listing for a single available day or for multiple days.

For Hosts (Landowners and/or Authorized Representatives):

  • First, sign up.  Don't worry.  It's easy.  You can create your own login ID and password or you can use link to your Facebook account.
  • List the access that you are providing and the dates for which it will be available using our easy-to-use template, and set your price.  Show availability for the specific dates that you will allow other members to access your property, whether it is one day or all season!  Also, please remember to show only dates within your local season.  
  • Enjoy your new source of income in exchange for something as simple as providing access to folks who truly appreciate the privilege of being welcomed on your property.  

For Guests (Sportsmen and Sportswomen):

  • Browse the listings through grid, list, or map views, set filters for the type of habitat you seek, and select the adventure you desire.  
  • Enjoy your new access and be respectful.  Despite paying a fee, you will be on private property and you should treat your host(s) and their property with respect, so you will be welcomed back and allowed to remain a member of EntryG8!  

Compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations is the responsibility of the members (Hosts and Users).  EntryG8 does not verify compliance with seasons and other regulations.  All poachers will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

That's about it!

Multi-vendor marketplaces, such as EntryG8, work best when sellers and buyers rate each other.  We look forward to learning about your experiences, so we can highlight top-rated landowners and top-rated sportsmen and sportswomen!  After you've had a great experience, please come back and plan your next hunting, fishing, camping, or other outdoor adventure!