I grew up on a farm in North Central Montana. I took for granted the abundant wildlife in my backyard. It was common for me to be working in a field and see deer, pronghorn antelope, coyotes, badgers, beavers, hawks, golden eagle, and owls, and of course, more gophers and pheasants than anyone could count!
I am now a husband and father and I enjoy getting outdoors every chance I get!

I still live in the western United States. Despite our access to spacious and abundant lands in the west, private lands continue to be some of the most valuable habitat for wild game. My partners and I are pleased to have invested in offering this online marketplace to you. We truly believe that linking responsible sportsmen/sportswomen with private landowners results in a win-win. Each party - host and guest - can proceed with their transaction with peace of mind knowing that they will be able to rate each other afterward and they will be able to see other ratings before going into a transaction.

Enjoy exploring your outdoor recreation options as you move through EntryG8!

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Everything the was cleaned up and left in as good or better shape than it was before the hunt. Everything went well.

J D about listing Duck & Canada Goose Hunting, Dixie Slough 6 months ago.

Everything went smoothly, Thanks for your help

J D about listing Duck & Canada Goose Hunting, Dixie Slough 8 months ago.